Welcome! My name is Jenny, and it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Everyday Lizzy Boutique!

My love for Pride and Prejudice began over a decade and a half ago when my dearest, longest friend introduced me to the book and mini-series. I immediately resonated with Lizzy’s spunk and wit. Fast forward several years, and I even rejected my very own Mr. Darcy at his first offer of a relationship!

What is it that makes us swoon so much over this story? What is it that keeps us engaged the entire time? And why can’t a girl find a shirt that says, “Dearest, Loveliest”? Out of my passion for Pride and Prejudice and search for clothing that resonates with a modern day Lizzy was born Everyday Lizzy Boutique: ladies’ leisurewear inspired by Jane Austen’s most beloved novel.


Yes, it's true. My wife turned me down not once, but twice when I was first pursuing her, so I completely resonate with Mr. Darcy! One of my favorite moments from the '95 P&P is when Mr. Darcy tells Elizabeth her "good opinion is rarely bestowed, and therefore, more worth the earning."

My name is PJ, and I am honored to come alongside my wife Jenny at Everyday Lizzy Boutique. She introduced me to this great story, and we run the shop together while listening to classical music and movie soundtracks. 

Jenny and I are big fans of marriage, traveling, dancing, reading, and of course, enjoying an evening watching our favorite version of Pride and Prejudice. Thank you for coming on this journey with us!


Our heart behind Everyday Lizzy Boutique has always gone beyond the mere fun of Pride and Prejudice.

A portion of every sale goes to help end human trafficking. Not only do we get to share in the merriment of Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice through these fun and cozy items, but TOGETHER, we get to make a difference in this world.

THANK YOU for being an Everyday Lizzy!